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Visa is a very important issue for expats who are going to work or live in China. It is a tedious work for expats who are going to deal with the application procedures. As many local government organizations are involved during the whole process and related policies and requirements change frequently, working with various government officials becomes inevitable.


In consideration of protecting China local residents' job opportunity Chinese government has gradually raised the standards of foreign expats working permit awarding. In year 2011 new regulation came out which requires foreign expats who works in China should also participate into Chinese social insurance system like China residents do. And from April 1st 2017 there is a brand new working permit application system for all foreign expats in China. A very detailed and also complicated scoring system is applied to the working permit application.


We have been engaged in helping expats from WFOE and other foreign invested entities get their required visas for over 14 years. With a full understanding of local immigration policies and close relationship with local departments, our service will greatly save client's time and help to get approval more easily. Our service specialists have excellent English skill and rich operation experience. Clients will get plenty of suggestions or advice before and during the application. We also help clients find required house & apartment.


What's New ?


▲ Zhejiang Labor bureau announces that the requirement of requiring working permit renewal must be started 30 days before expiration date will be suspended temporarily due to epidemic prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus. Also, Zhejiang immigration bureau  announces that foreigner who can't get their China visa renewed in time due to  epidemic prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus will not be considered as overstay.


Last Updated: Feb 2020


▲ From Dec 1st 2019, Ningbo implements the 144-hour visa-free transit, which targets citizens from 53 countries and regions and allows them to transit in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu for a stay length not more than 144 hours, ie., six days.


Updated: Nov 2019


▲ All foreign employees in Zhejiang province who need to apply for working permit should buy medical insurance or China social insurance from Sep 2019.


▲ From August 2019 foreign expats who have already got working resident permit twice ( one year or above) can apply for 5 years resident permit during the third time.


Updated: July 2019


A category working permit salary level will be increased to 36000 RMB per month from May 2019.


Updated: April 2019


▲ From August 2018, foreigner who renew the resident permit will not need to submit health check report any more.


Updated: August 2018


▲ From April 2018, Working Permit renewal must be started one month before expiration date or a new working permit application will be required.


Updated: March 2018


▲Foreigner who is ethnic Chinese can apply for maximum 5 years resident permit now.


Updated: Feb 2018



Immigration service is mainly engaged in the following application items
Application Type Description
Working permit Permission of working in China. Expats can apply for resident permit by holding working permit
Resident permit Long term resident visa. Expats who are formally employed or invest a company or Rep office in China can apply for this visa. His or her mate and minor children can also apply for resident permit.
M visa Short-term business visiting visa, usually valid for one to three months. 
Official Invitation letter of China visa Chinese embassies require official invitation letter of China visa when expat from certian countries applying for certain type of visa in these embassy. This letter is usually issued by local foreign affair office.
Health check-up Expat shall take health check-up in local official Physical Examination Center to get health certificate to apply for working permit and resident permit.
To apply for any type of visa all expats will have to do temporary resident registration in local police station after each entry to China. Hotel check in registration will be the substitution when expats stays in hotel in China. 




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