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RCS is a human resources and business consulting service provider in Ningbo city of China who specialized in providing foreign clients with unique and multiple service projects which are time tested and humanized. We believe our services will bring foreign invested enterprises and their foreign expats with great convenience and additional value. We understand our corporate clients pay high attention to work efficiency and company benefit. With the development of global economic integration, we all have to focus our resources to core business to win the market. It's why we work diligently to create new service products, to develop more efficient service flow. We have only one goal: to save client's resources with our service. We also believe RCS can develop continuously only when our clients have realized maximization of their enterprise value.


Our faith to provide high quality service is supported by our senior service team. In our HR outsourcing service team, we have senior consultants who are constantly committed to HR outsourcing service for more than 10 years. As in our business consulting team, the average length of working experience in WFOE & Rep office registration and Immigration service is 12 years.  Our long-term clients include many multinational companies and their high position foreign expats such as Li &Fung Group, IBM, BorgWarner and John Deere.


About Ningbo


Ningbo is a sub-provincial city in northeast Zhejiang province in eastern coast of China. It comprises the urban districts of Ningbo proper, three satellite cities, and a number of rural counties including islands in Hangzhou Bay and the East China Sea. Its port, spread across several locations, is among the busiest in the world. Ningbo has a population of 7.8 million (2015). It takes around two hours by high speed rail way to travel from Ningbo to Shanghai.


Ningbo is not just an ordinary city—it has the same authority as provincial governments for economic administration—and has a port second only to Shanghai around the world in terms of annual cargo throughput. Unlike Shanghai, the port is deepwater and capable of handling 300,000 tonne vessels. The port is located mainly in Beilun district and Zhenhai district. With bulk container breakdowns, hugely improved logistics, and massive chemical and foodstuff, processing developments, Ningbo could yet win the race with Shanghai as port of choice for servicing the Chinese east coast.


The city's export industry dates back to the 7th century. Today Ningbo is a major exporter of electrical products, textiles, food, and industrial tools. The private economy of the city is especially well-developed, contributing 82 percent of total GDP in 2015.


With several important development zones established in or around Ningbo, the city has received considerable foreign investment. To date over 60 domestic and foreign-invested financial institutions have established operations in the city, which has also attracted more than 10,000 foreigners. The municipal government offers preferential policies designed to encourage investment in international trade, new strategic industries, manufacturing, information services, and creative industries.


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