Recruitment Process Outsourcing


After years of relevant industry experience, we’ve established advantages in industries of shipping and logistics, international trading, quality control, mechanical manufacture, IT, finance, English interpretation, Hotel service.

As one of enterprise’s core resources, talent always plays an extremely important role in enterprise’s human resource strategy. Our headhunting service will make sure our clients complete their recruitment plan in the shortest time to drive our client’s core business development promptly.


Head hunting service principle

Lawful: observe state laws and regulations as well as business ethics;

Equity: observe business rules, take equal and open business competition.

Specialized: the same candidate will only be recommended to only one company in certain period.

Win-win: cares about the benefits of both enterprises and candidates, to fulfill the harmony between candidates and positions.

Contractual: business will not start during the first cooperation if no contract is signed.

Protective: No talent will be hunt in the cooperative company during guarantee period.


Service Flow



Recruitment service

With our resources advantage, we provide our clients with recruitment solutions by our professional and swift operation system. Our recruitment service is the most convenient solution to meet enterprises’ elementary manpower requirements and make sure clients will get the most qualified staff in the shortest time. We also establish unique talent bank for VIP clients to meet their successive manpower requirements.


Core Advantages


Extensive service network: We have very extensive data resources around the state

Abundant talent bank: With support of nationwide talent pool and years of relevant industry experience, we’ve reserved massive talents resumes.

Specialized service team: According to different requirements, we systematically analyze the position, search for relevant resumes and make recommendation. We also provide clients with logical suggestions.

Fast service period: Usually the whole service period will not exceed half month.


         Service Process


Service Type


Single serviceClient entrusts us for recruitment of one or several positions.

Long-term service: We provide continual recruitment service based on client’s long-term recruitment plan.


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