HR Outsourcing
Why HR Outsourcing?

1.Standardize personnel management, reduce legal risks of personnel management


We take charge f employee’s Labor contract’s signing, renewal, termination, discharge, file transit, payment of all kinds of welfare and insurance and establish normative and effective HR management system for our clients. We also minimize legal risks of personnel management for our clients by adjusting personnel practices according to latest policy changes.


2. Reduce cost


By comprehensive accounting, the cost of using outsourcing employees is much lower than using those on the regular payroll. At the mean time, enterprises don’t have to hire extra staff to manage those outsourcing employees which also reduces the management cost.


3. Flexible HR management system


Business of many enterprise change hugely. When taking HR outsourcing system, our clients can cut the number of employee during off season flexibly. Reach will handle the employment and demission procedure for enterprises.


4. Reduce labor disputes; enhance employee’s sense of well-being


Enterprise signs HR service agreement with us and we signs labor contract with employee. The Relationship between enterprise and employee is a kind of paid use relationship which is not a direct employment relationship. This relationship prevents enterprise has labor disputes with employee directly. And we will deal with any dissent raised by employee during regular HR management which greatly economizes enterprise’s energy.


5. Strategical change on HR department’s function


After taking HR outsourcing system, function of HR department has changed from tedious operational works to company strategy making, organizer of company activities and performance management.


Preparation for the service program


1、To start the service:


1.1Clients will discuss with us about their conditions, demands and information or policies they care about.

1.2 We will design a tailored service program for the clients and sign service agreement with the clients.

1.3 Start the service flow for the first month to finalize the service process regularly.


2、What we can offer you


2.1 There are periodic services and one-time services regarding our HR service.

2.2 Periodic services mainly refer to: employment and dismission process management, social insurance (mandatory), supplementary insurance (voluntary) and payroll.( get details by mailing to

2.3 One-time services mainly refer to: headhunting, labor dispute resolution, Company HR regulations design, policy consultancy,  foreign expats' working permit & visa application and Chinese employee's visa for other countries. (get details by mailing to

2.4 There are two different service types in employment and dismission process:

      2.4.1 Labor contract is signed between client and employee. It means client will establish direct labor relationship with             employee which will enhance employee's sense of belonging.

      2.4.2 Labor contract is signed between employee and us. It means we will establish direct labor relationship with employee and             send this employee to work for the client.

      2.4.3 In both of the above types we will handle the labor contract signing and manage the employment and dismission process             for client.


3、A typical service process




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